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10 Pop Reggae Songs You Forgot That You Love

by Stuart Ridgway, Original Music for Film and Television

These tunes may have slipped by you as you’ve listened to your favorite albums over the years, but pop artists do a sweet job incorporating reggae into their music, if only just a taste.  These may not be Bob Marley, it’s a long way from his I Shot the Sheriff to Clapton’s, but many pop artist do do reggae justice.

Here’s a list of 10 pop songs that you might have in your library, but don’t realize how truly reggae they are.  When put together they make a nice playlist.  And don’t miss the tasty tidbits that I call out here.  So go put them on. Now. Continue reading

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Stuart Ridgway

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It’s Who You Know

by Stuart Ridgway, Original Music for Film and Television

I originally published this article in Electronic Musician magazine in November of 2008.

No matter how talented you are, the key to working steadily in the music field is to develop a stellar reputation among those who can either give you jobs or recommend you for them. Whether you’re a studio owner, a film and TV composer, a gigging artist, or a session player, the process of turning yourself into a marketable commodity requires that you network actively and market yourself consistently.

Ideas don’t matter?…

You need to develop a strong network of peers who want to work with you and who want you to succeed. There are three basic rules to follow: be smart when looking for new clients, nurture your relationships, and become a dependable professional. Continue reading


Building A Data-Driven Multimedia Website – White Paper

by Stuart Ridgway, Original Music for Film and Television


Converting a static website to a dynamic, database-driven one requires the developer to strip the original site down to its core purpose. The new goals for the site must be clearly defined while maintaining what is still relevant from the old site. As the developer is implementing the database-driven side of the code the opportunity to update the look, flow and efficiency of the site presents itself. It is here where s/he must determine what content should be built into each page and what should be pulled from the database only when the page is called. Just because you can generate a page dynamically doesn’t mean you should. Continue reading

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