by Stuart Ridgway, Original Music for Film and Television.  I originally ghost-wrote this article on the Hack for Change Web site on June 5, 2015.

The National Day of Civic Hacking is not just an event, it’s a mindset that the International Trade Administration (ITA) fully supports. We too follow open data principles by making trade data easily available for helping U.S. companies export their products overseas. The National Day is a great way for you and ITA to help our fellow businessmen and women expand international sales and increase the number of jobs at home.

Why export? Because 70% of the world’s purchasing power is outside the U.S.! By helping U.S. companies expand their overseas markets, you help the U.S. economy grow. That is why ITA has been providing valuable resources designed specifically for U.S. companies for over 35 years. The first place to start is with the needs of U.S. companies. Exporting can be confusing when getting started and companies that already export must continually pay close attention to their business operations. You can Developer Portal Developer Portal

help them:

  1. Get started
  2. Be better informed
  3. Access trade data
  4. Stay compliant.


When companies first consider exporting, they have a lot of questions. You can help them by providing access to ITA’s answers to Frequently Asked Questions. If you already have information about particular countries or industries, use the FAQs’ tags to integrate the right answers with your information.

ITA also has Offices throughout the U.S. and in many countries across the globe. Companies that are ready to take that next step often need customized help and ITA’s staff are ready to provide many services.


Once a company gets started, they need to do a fair amount of research to learn which foreign markets are best suited for their product. ITA publishes a large amount of market intelligence and top market reports in its Market Research Library. Companies need your help finding the right market research without sifting through the entire library.

ITA also publishes Trade Articles that help companies learn about exporting in more detail. Help companies stay better informed about the changing exporting landscape by combining these articles with other business resources.


As exporters become more seasoned, they need to know details about the markets they are shipping to. ITA has Tariff Rates and Trade Leads available that companies use to improve their exporting processes. Integrate this data with other information about overseas economies to give companies a comprehensive picture of their own foreign markets.


There are many export laws and regulations that U.S. companies must follow. Help them stay compliant by giving them access to the many Events about exporting from ITA and several other federal agencies.

One of the paramount responsibilities that a company has is to refrain from doing business with known narcotics traffickers, arms dealers, or other disreputable individuals and companies. ITA publishes the Consolidated Screening List with over 8000 such names from eleven screening (“don’t do business”) lists. Give companies easy access to these names so their exporting transactions can stay aboveboard. We hope you have a terrific day on June 6! Please let us know how you end up using the ITA data.

Stuart Ridgway composes original music for film and television.  You can find out more about his music and the Emmy Award winning television shows he works on at Pyramid Digital Productions, Inc.

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