by Stuart Ridgway, Original Music for Film and Television

Trying to lose weight fast?  Want to get to the gym more?  Is your commitment to your New Years resolution failing?  While you’re mulling over your sinking aspirations for 2014 you do have the opportunity to stop, breathe, and take in all that you have.  And that’s what can get you back in the game.

Three Long Breaths

I was inspired by a Harvard Business Review article, Reduce Your Stress in Two Minutes a Day, to merely breathe.  Breathing indeed helps to calm you and to reduce stress, but I’ve also found it’s a fantastic way to reset yourself and find the energy you need to fulfill your New Years resolution.  Stopping your world and just breathing gives you the opportunity to become more present, appreciate what you have, release expectations, let go (of everything), and genuinely smile. That’s all good.  Most importantly, it gives you the space to be aware of the things that really matter, such as the resolutions you made for 2014.

Breathing is Fundamental

Let’s get you out of that little death spiral. For the last month I have been doing meticulous, in-depth research trying to breathe every chance I get.  You’re welcome. I’ve pinpointed 14 times throughout the day when you have the opportunity to take at least three big cleansing breaths.

  1. When you first wake up.  What better way to take the edge off the impending day than by melting into your warm bed with a few big breaths.
  2. In the shower.  My shampoo actually says to wash, rinse, breathe, repeat.  It’s got aromatherapy built in.
  3. Depending upon how you commute:
    • On the metro (that should count for four opportunities actually)
    • In traffic.  The time to remember to do so is at that first stoplight you decide not to run.
  4. While on a “local” elevator.  Go ahead and stop at every floor; I’m only on breath two.
  5. When on your break between work sprints.  You do reduce all distractions so you can have long, peaceful work sprints, yes?
  6. While on hold.  I got in many breaths while waiting to yell at Verizon last week.  By the time I spoke to customer service, I actually didn’t end up yelling I was so calm.  I did make a very compelling case, though, that got me free HBO and a DVR for a year.
  7. In line at the post office, Starbucks, the DMV, a receiving line, a tollbooth because you forgot your EZ-Pass.
  8. When you’re bored.  It’s true; people actually still get bored in this day and age.  Try it while breathing some time.  Now that’s living.
  9. In a three o’clock meeting when your anti-Atkins lunch is really weighing you down.
  10. Pumping gas – way away from pump of course.
  11. While washing hands.  Cleanliness is next to…
  12. Before you eat.  A friend used to stop and take 10 seconds for silent prayer before our weekly pho lunches.  Perhaps she was just breathing in the basil.
  13. While saying goodnight to your sleeping children.  Heaven.
  14. Before you fall aslee…

That’s it.  Now go out there and breathe.  Give yourself the space you need to reclaim your resolutions.  You’ll find that every time you do this you give yourself the power and the (cough) resolve you thought you were lacking.

Gripe and Punishment

Gripe:  Clueless salespeople who either (a) won’t leave you alone when you truly are browsing and/or (b) know less about the product than you.

Punishment:  Wait for it…stand quietly staring at them taking large and long breaths.  No commission here, buddy.

Just so we’re clear:  Believe me salesy Suzy when I tell you that I’ll let you know when I have a question.


Stuart Ridgway composes original music for film and television.  You can find out more about his music and the Emmy Award winning television shows he works on at Pyramid Digital Productions, Inc.

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