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Get Things Done by Making Peace With Your Lizard Brain

by Stuart Ridgway, Original Music for Film and Television

Is it ironic that I put off writing this article to the last minute?  It’s now the last article in my series on reclaiming two hours of your life every day.  And I really should’ve finished this yesterday. Yet, I don’t want to be accused of abusing the term like Alanis Morissette.

In my efforts to not write this article I actually found some pretty great insight on dealing with procrastination. So there’s indeed merit to putting things off to the last minute and there’s inspiration to be found in eleventh hour pressure. Nevertheless, I’m not writing this and you’re not reading this because we enjoy muddling through by the seat of our pants. Continue reading

How to Dig In and Enjoy Your Work

by Stuart Ridgway, Original Music for Film and Television

Now that you’re set to reclaim two hours of your life every day, let’s make the time we spend working much more satisfying and enjoyable.  And much less painful.  This article is about getting the most out of those two hours.  Once again I include some suggestions for cool toys that really make a difference.  But first I’ll summarize then I’ll wrap up the steps we’ve taken to get here.

Two Hours Saved in Two Minutes

You’re doing all this right?… Continue reading