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Reclaim Two Hours of Your Life Every Day – Part II

by Stuart Ridgway, Original Music for Film and Television

I was just talking to a friend of mine about part I of this article series when it occurred to me that getting yourself out of your email inbox includes training yourself as much as training the folks you interact with.  You really have to make it work for yourself and be little disciplined to reap the benefits.  This (cough) foreshadows part IV of this series.  The good news is that I talk about some cool toys in this article that can really help solidify your commitment to reclaiming these hours. Continue reading

Reclaim Two Hours of Your Life Every Day – Part 1

by Stuart Ridgway, Original Music for Film and Television

Recently I’ve adopted several methods for making my work life much more efficient.  A “perfect storm” of techniques have come together and in combination they’re effective and easy enough to really make a difference.  This is Part I of a four-part series that focuses on identifying and killing several time-sucks.  Part II covers technologies that really speed things up.  Part III is all about working hard without killing yourself.  And part IV addresses the part of lizard brain that says, “Don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of time to get that done…” and helps us procrastinate endlessly.  I have several ideas that work but I’d especially love your input on that one.

I began addressing some of the major time-sucks in my life after beginning The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss.  One of his major tenets is to reduce email read-time to once a week.  I’m not there yet but I did realize that working out of my inbox wastes a huge amount of my own time.  Tim also advocates letting the folks you work with survive without your non-stop input.  In other words, dis-invite yourself from needless fire drills.  A life tied to email is a thing of the past. Continue reading

Stuart Ridgway

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Big Data and Big Backsides

by Stuart Ridgway, Original Music for Film and Television

Quoted with permission are my favorite parts of this May/June 2013 article by Kenneth Neil Cukier and Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger in Foreign Affairs magazine.

Big Data continues to give us more and more opportunities to link trends to correlations.  We may not know why a trend is occurring, but we can often anticipate how an event might unfold by correlating it to other, predictive events.  Other times we just learn by putting sensors beneath someone’s butt.

The possession of knowledge, which once meant an understanding of the past, is coming to mean an ability to predict the future… Continue reading